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Jakarta is mega capital city of Indonesia. Besides being a commercial centre, it has a number of popular Jakarta attractions that are constantly drawing domestic and international visitors. From amusement parks, to monuments, shopping malls, F&B outlets, and night spots, it's indeed a city that never sleeps!



What to see in Jakarta

jakarta attractions monas


Monas is a 132m tower found in the centre of Merdeka Square, near Thamrin and Gambir Train station. Built to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian independence, there is an on-site museum that is open daily from 08.00 until 16.00, except on mondays. In the night, it's open again from 19.00.

There is an observation deck located on the top of Monas near the flame of independence. The ticket to observation deck is IDR 10,000/S$1/MYR3/USD1

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jakarta attractions taman mini

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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah which is translated to "Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park", is one of the oldest and most popular Jakarta attractions. The park showcases the wide range of Indonesian culture: practices, traditional houses, traditions, dances, clothing, and more. 

In addition, there are also lake, cable car rides, museums, a bird park, a few cinemas, and other recreational facilities. 

To navigate the park, you can drive your own vehicle or ride own bicycle. The good news is, most of the park’s attractions are reachable by walking. The entrance fees are only IDR 10,000/S$1/MYR3/USD1 per person. 

jakarta attractions dufan

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Ancol Dreamland

Another one of the top Jakarta attractions, there are 3 main parks here: Dufan Theme Park, Ocean Dream & Sea World.

  • Dufan Theme Park

Dufan is also known as “Dunia Fantasi” and is the largest outdoor entertainment park in the whole of Indonesia. Here, visitors can expect high-tech gaming & entertainment contents. The entrance fee here is IDR325,000/S$33/MYR100/USD25. It opens daily from 1000 – 2200 hours.

  • Ocean Dream & Sea World

Ideal for families with younger children, you are able to enjoy a water-theme park at Ocean Dream & Sea World. Here, they are plenty of water theme shows which involve animals performing to an audience.  There is also an underground water dome walk which involves one to walk underwater protected by glass chambers. The entrance fee to Ocean Dream is IDR95,000/S$10/MYR30/USD7 & Sea World is IDR 85,000/S$9/MYR27/USD6. It opens daily from 0900 – 1800 hours.

How to go to Jakarta

Java Attractions Train Bandung Indonesia

From Bandung, there are several ways to visit Jakarta. We are listing a few options below for your reference:

  • Train - From Bandung station there are several timings to Gambir Station in Jakarta. The train is operated by “PT KERETA API”. There are up to 6 train schedules each day from Bandung to Gambir Jakarta. For a return trip, prices will start from IDR180,000/S$18/MYR54/USD13. The duration of the train ride is 4 hours (one way). This is by far the most scenic routing as you will be passing by beautiful waterfalls and paddy fields.
  • Taxi - Most taxi drivers may not want to embark on this routing as they might not pick any passenger in Jakarta to bring back to Bandung. So you can expect to pay a premium for this taxi ride. The journey can be as fast as 3 hours to as long as 6 hours depending on the traffic. If you must take a taxi, be sure to take only the reliable Blue Bird Taxi.
  • Shuttle Bus - There are several operators that ply this routing, like Cipaganti and X-TransThey have regular scheduled timings (a few times each day) and the estimated cost per person per way is IDR150,000/S$15/MYR45/USD11.
  • Private Vehicle Rental with Driver - For a safer and more convenient option, you can consider this for you and your family.

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  • Tour Package - If you're planning to visit both Bandung and Jakarta cities, check out the attractions, have someone to guide you, arrange the hotel stay as well as the activities route, consider booking a full-fledged tour package service. 
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