West Java Attractions

Of all the West Java attractions and destinations, the top ones are undeniably in and around Jakarta and Bandung.

If you’re going on a trip to Bandung or Jakarta, be sure to look through our vetted West Java attractions and places to visit before deciding on your duration of stay and itinerary.

Here are some of them:


Bandung is the provincial capital of West Java that’s coolly situated among highlands, volcanoes, and plantations. It’s well-known for both its sightseeing and shopping.

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3D2N Bandung Shopping Tour, Lembang Floating Market, Dusun Bambu Park


Lembang is a small town that’s well visited for its Tankuban Perahu Volcano, Forest Park, Maribaya Waterfall, Hot Springs, and more.

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3D2N Bandung Tour Tangkuban Perahu Volcano, Ciater Hot Spring


Ciwidey village is mainly known for its Kawah Putih crater lake, Patenggang Lake, tea plantations, and strawberry farms.

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Strawberry Farm, Shopping, White Crater Tour Bandung Package 3D2N white crater


Puncak is essentially a mountain pass in West Java that also functions as a weekend getaway spot for many Jakarta residents. It’s visited primarily for its vast-reaching green scenery and cool climate.

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4D3N Bandung Puncak Tour, Indonesia Safari Park, shopping


Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It's both a commercial as well as a travel destination for domestic and international travellers. 

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